VR Submarine

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VR theme park

What’s a VR Submarine?

There are 2 models can be chosen:

Tour Model: The submarine can carry 4players to discover underwater life. Bring you to wander among a shoal of fish (including shark)-and kids can approach them without fear.
Shooting Game Model: When riding on the Virtual Reality Submarine. Players become submarines who must destroy the enemy around you within limited time constraints.

Virtual Reality Submarine – Not only playing VR games but also learning.
Kids Vr Submarine
Kids VR submarine

Adjustment Periscope VR glasses

The VR Submarine is a Virtual Reality submarine simulator for children (adults also can play). The height of the periscope simulator can be adjusted according to your height. You can lock the target and press button to shooting.

Kids VR submarine

Cartoon Model Submarine

The lovely periscope and rocket are on the top. The lighthouse will turn on when playing the game.

Kids VR submarine

100% Submarine Cockpit

Riding on the VR simulator cockpit. You can just feel like sitting in a real submarine. 100% simulate the underwater vision.

Kids vr submarine

Asia Top2 Motion Platform

The submarine boat can give our feedback when surface, diving and moving. So cool!

Pico G2 VR Headset / All-In-One VR

  • 2.5K Eye-protective LCD Screen ( 70Hz )
  • 3K LCD display (90Hz)
  • 1440 x 1600 screen resolution
  • 4G high-speed LPDDR4-1866 RAM
  • The lightweight main body (268g)
  • Blue-ray reduction viewing experience
  • Best-in-class design. Built with Virtual Reality solution
vr headset

Original VR Submarine Boat Game

Now it is probably one of the best VR shooting games for kids. The targets will be moving at a different speed. It needs to anticipate how the torpedo can hit the target.

Easy to Open Your VR Park by VART VR Arcade Solution

VR Submarine Simulator

From the day VR Game Machine invented. VART began to learn how can make VR running as an earn money VR amusement project. Now we have lots of successful cases of VR theme Park. VART has developed many different VR Game Simulator. After 14 years of innovation and accumulation, now VART VR Game Equipment can easily make your VR Arcade startup.

Plug and Play

VR submarine machine

All parts set well before shipment.

Just turn on the computer and play. So easy!

Game Showing Synchronously

9D VR Game Machine

Showing VR riding game and attract passing people.

Card Payment System

9D Virtual Reality

VART offer technical support if you need this payment method.

Coin Payment System

9D VR Game Machine

VART can install the coin payment system according to your currency.

Cartoon Submarine Boat Model

The model is very important for VR business (VR Arcade Equipment). The VR Submarine is a lovely VR shooting game machine.

It can carry 2-4 people to play. Parents either can sit with child and play, that’s a good way to build a parent-child relationship! VART is good at designing attractive models with cool LED lighting. So, there is a lovely flashing lighthouse on the top to attracting kids to come and play!
Kids VR submarine
VR Equipment Series

Gallery of VR Kids Submarine


Keep the VR Game Smooth and Clear all the time

VR racing simulator


American i5 6400

2DOF VR car racking games motion simulaor



VR car racking games motion

Graphic Card


VR motion simulaor

Power Supply

Quiet Power Supply 500W

VR motion simulaor

Hard Disk


vr games motion simulaor

Memory Card



Development by VART and easy customized for your VR business plan


VR Submarine – VART-019

10 Years CE RoHS VR Game Machine Factory

VR Simulator
VR Submarine
Player2 or 4
Voltage / Power220V/50Hz | 1.0KW
VR glassesDPVR 
Movie quantity(included)2 pcs
Playing time2-10 mins(can be set freely)
Size (L*W*H)L230 * W230 * H260cm
List of goods2 or 4 x VR Headsets
1 x VR Submarine Simulator
Computer configurationCPU: Intel i5 10400F
Motherboard: H510M DDR4
Hard Disk: SSD 250G – GALAX
Graphics Card: 3GB GTX1060 – ZOTAC