VR Flight Simulator

What’s VR Flight Simulator?

The VR Flight Simulator is an immersive virtual reality simulation system that enables users to experience the thrill of piloting an aircraft. This cutting-edge technology utilizes advanced features such as a 360-degree rotating and lifting base, electric movement equipment, and high-quality graphics to create a realistic and engaging flight experience. With interactive flying and shooting simulations, users can feel as though they are in the cockpit of an actual aircraft. It’s an excellent tool for aviation enthusiasts, pilots, and anyone who wants to experience the excitement of flying.

So Cool flying VR Experience.

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VR theme park

VART VR Flight

Eye-catching Fashion Simulator Model

An attractive model & design is the way to make your Virtual Reality business successfully!

VART VR Flight Simulator has successfully developed by an international dynamic platform. It can achieve free movement, which means you can drive the jet plane up and down, left and right all in your order! Attractive airplane model, experience 9D VR flight simulator immersive VR games. 100% your earn money machine.

Standing VR Flight Simulator
Standing VR Fly Simulator
VR flight simulator


Freely control your jet plane 360 degree rotating, 0.5 meter lifting up and down


360° Movement Freely control any direction up & down, left & right, forward & backword


Head tracking VR Headset Staring a game you want to play and start. Head tracking to lock the target


Interative Open Fire Track the target by your headset, press the joystick button will shooting


Exciting & Thrilling The air suddenly blow to your body and face


Surround-sound speakers Placed on stand up VR flight simulator, very bass and sounds wonderful!


360° VR VIEW 360 degree panorama vision Virtual Reality World


Pulling and pushing joystick can flying up and down, turn left and right

Professional VR Flight Games List

1080p Interactive Shooting with Flying VR Games. Robot War, Thunder Fighter, Heavy Mecha, Clearing Action, Secret Task

best vr for flight simulator

Dynamic Lifting System

  • Electric Dynamic Server System
  • 0.5M Lifting Up and Down
  • 360 degree rotating stand platform
  • Best VR flight simulator

    Head-tracking Select A Game & Lock The Target

  • Staring a game you want to play, just wait for the game loading and star.
  • Lock the target by your head tracking.
  • So cool!
  • Standing VR Flight Machine

    i5 / i7 PC

  • CPU: Intel i5 6400
  • Motherboard: B250M – GIGABYTE
  • Hard Disk: SSD 240G – GALAX
  • Graphic Card: 3GB GTX1060 – ZOTAC
  • Memory Card: 8GB DDR4 – Kingston
  • Power Supply: 500W – Great Wall
  • Standing VR Flight

    Driving & Shooting Joystick

  • Pulling and pushing joystick can freely fly up and down, turn left and right by your order.
  • Press the button to shoot.
  • Gallery of Simulator VR 360


    Check the following parameter list for a complete overview of VR Flying Machine details.


    VR Flight Simulator – VART-005

    VR FLIGHT / 9D Virtual Reality Flight

    VR Simulator
    VR Flight Simulator
    Voltage / Power220V/50Hz | 1.5 KW
    VR headset
    DPVR E3C 
    Movie quantity(included)4+pcs
    Playing time2-10 mins(can be set freely)
    Size (L*W*H)L210 * W210 * H210cm
    List of goods1 x VR Headsets
    1 x VR Flight Simulator
    Computer configurationCPU: Intel i5 10400F
    Motherboard: H510M DDR4
    Hard Disk: SSD 250G – GALAX
    Graphic Card: GTX1650 4GB – ZOTAC
    Memory Card: 8GB DDR4 – Kingston
    Power Supply: 600W – Great Wall