8 Steps Guide on How to Open a VR Theme Park

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The Future of VR Theme Park

Virtual reality, till a few years back was a futuristic technology that was seen by most businesses and end consumers as an expensive and risky proposal, however, slowly, the technology and its applications are coming to realizations and the world is opening up to it’s potential. VART at Guangzhou Longcheng Electronic Co., Ltd. predicted the future and entered the market 10 years back as a VR game machine manufacturer. Our products and turnkey solutions will help you build a fully functional VR theme park.

Before we get into the details of how to build a VR arcade or a theme park, let us start by answering a few main questions. Why build a virtual reality theme park? Why invest in VR arcade machines? Is virtual reality just hype or will it be successful? Let’s be honest here.. Virtual reality is the future. The theme park and amusement park industry will change drastically post the 2020 pandemic. Business models will change and build around contactless technologies. VR reality arcades will replace the traditional amusement parks.

Customer experience should be at the helm of the VR theme park. Virtual reality offers an immersive experience and elevates a person’s senses to a different futuristic and simulated word experience. A VR arcade should be thus designed in a manner where the person feels to be taking a ride into an alternate reality of his dreams. It will change human experiences, interactions and open up a wide range of possibilities for engagement. One of the applications of virtual reality that we are discussing here is in the field of entertainment. When it comes to outings with family and friends, a VR theme park is going to be the next craze.

When you design a virtual reality arcade, there are several factors that must be considered. Here VART share with you an eight-step guide on how to open a VR theme park, having been in the industry for almost 10 years and offering virtual reality machines for sale, we talk with experience and have some interesting as well as serious points for you to ponder over.

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Floor plan and layout of the VR arcade

The very first and logical step to open a VR reality arcade would be to think about the land you will want to open it on, how big the place will be. Like a traditional amusement park, it need not be spread over a large area, that’s an advantage here. Depending upon your business plan, It can be a floor space in a mall or even a multi-story building depending upon how big you want to go. VR game machines and simulators are generally kept at designated stations and each station requires a few feet of space, sometimes as low as 6 ft by 6 ft will also work. The main thing here to keep in mind is that each station should be kept apart enough so that players are free to move and do not collide while in an immersive experience.

Interior design and aesthetic appeal

A good ambiance is centric to a good customer experience. For a VR reality arcade, where the simulators and machines will be buzzing with futuristic content, it is important that the interior design gives the vibe of a high on energy, futuristic environment. Make the place happening. Throw in some neon or maybe even some strobe lights! Important considerations here would be that you create cubicles according to the VR experience you offer, keep in mind whether you will need soundproofing or not. The VR game simulator station generally has different carpeting that the walking space so that the user gets to know if he’s going outside of the station.

Installation services and operational guidelines

Since we have been in the business of selling virtual reality machines, we understand that the installation and operations of VR arcade machines and simulators are an important aspect. Get professional help and guidance from your product seller.

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Know your hardware

When we say hardware, we mean two things virtual reality headset and VR arcade machines. Some of the VR headsets with the latest technology are Oculus Quest 2, Sony PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive Cosmos. What is important to consider here is the budget, capability of devices like 3 DoF and 6 DoF and the VR games these devices can offer. Some of the VR grace machines that we manufacture are VR 360 Flight Simulator, Starship VR Motorcycle, Sporty VR Bike, VR Skiing Simulator, Self Operated VR Arcade Machine (VR Arcade Room, VR Booth), Kids VR Game Equipment (Kids VR Ride, VR Submarine), 9D VR Cinema, 2 Players or Single-player VR Pod, VR Flight Simulator, VR Standing Platform, Iron Cage VR Multiplayer, VR Bike, VR Racing Simulator, VR Motion Simulator, VR Dancing Machine, VR Horse Riding Motion Simulator, etc. Get in touch with our team to know more about our products and the solution on offer. We are premium manufacturers of VR arcade machines for kids as well as adults. VR headsets and seats of the game machine are adjustable for comfort as per the user’s height.

Immersive VR games and social experiences

A VR theme park can have an audience of any age group as opposed to a traditional amusement park. Family and friends, kids and adults can enjoy together. What better way to socialize with friends, do team activities with colleagues or even build a parent-child bonding. You should have a mix of individual as well as multiplayer games on offer. Today, we have VR games that can be collaborative in nature and enable interactivity amongst the players within the virtual environment. Games like Beat Saber which are quite famous amongst VR enthusiasts can now be played by individuals as well as multi-players and are loved by the audience.

Safety and hygiene standards

Given the post-pandemic situation where people try to avoid large outdoor gatherings, a VR arcade has a small floor space and equipment compared to a large scale theme park and can be easily sanitized. This builds trust and brings footfall. Provide locker facilities for the customers so that they do not leave their loose belonging on the floor. This is important since everyone in a VR experience is wearing a VR headset and are cut off from the actual world. They do not know where they are stepping or what they may collide with. This will also help avoid unwanted thefts and panic amongst the audience.

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Employ technically sound and experienced staff

Since the whole of the VR arcade deals with gadgets, you need someone who has a passion for technology and understands it. Your staff needs to be able to operate the equipment, troubleshoot when necessary. The staff should be able to explain to the user how to play the VR game and communicate in virtual reality. As we have been saying, customer experience is crucial. For your customers to be able to fully enjoy their time at the VR arcade, they need to understand the VR game machine. Since we offer virtual reality machines for sale, we understand our machines better than anyone, you can offer to take knowledge transfer from our staff to yours!

Robust marketing and advertising plan

When you are going to build an amazing hi-tech VR theme park, it is also important to effectively communicate the amazing experience of playing on a VR arcade machine or a VR game simulator. Making videos about the immersive experience on offer is one way to do it. Social media communication always makes for an effective mode of communication. You can have people click photos and request them to share on social media which will help spread the positive word and build a brand following. A VR theme park is not only a lucrative business option but also the future of amusement parks.

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