VART 5D Cinema / 7D Interactive Cinema Simulator

The environment is full of special effects, from the sense of hearing, vision to smell, touch to an immersive adventure!

Most Popular 5D/7D Cinema in the market! Branding Choice !

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VART 5D Cinema / 7D Interactive Cinema Simulator

It consists of Stereo Projection, Screen, 5D Seats, Environmental Special Effects, Digital Audio & Cinema Overall Control System.
Power by VART VR
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VART 5D Cinema / 7D Interactive Cinema Simulator

Overall Design, Overall Product Output, Independent R&D and After-sales Service Standardization 5D/7D Cinema System Solution.
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5D Cinema Factory

5D/7D Cinema System Solution

5D/7D motion theater, a four-dimensional space consisting of a three-dimensional movie and surrounding environment simulation. It is a new type of film and television product based on stereoscopic film plus environmental effects and simulation, and the physics of the movie content is linked to the audience. Stimulate to enhance the effect of presence.

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3-Dof Electric Platform

Multi-Degree of Freedom Dynamic Chair 5D/7D Motion Simulator System.
Use China Leader Supplier of Motor and Cylinder Machine

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Seats Can Be Customized, Suitable For More People

The VART 5D/7D Cinema Seat is a dynamic seat with a high-tech crank-structured motion platform that completely eliminates the radial motion of the motion and the abnormal motion of the mechanical movement. It has three degrees of freedom for the up and down, forward and backward, and left and right tilt. It has six sensory effects of vibration, face wind, face water, sweeping legs, back and bumps. According to the size of the theater, different seats can be designed, such as a group of 5, a group of four, a group of three and a group of two. The seat material can be customized with high-grade PU leather or leather. A variety of seats, colors are available or individually tailored to the needs of the project.

6-Dof Electric Platform

Multi-Degree of Freedom Dynamic Chair System.
Use China Leader Supplier of Motor and Cylinder Machine

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5D Cinema Seats

Dynamic Cinema Environment Effects

VART 5D/7D motion theater can add wind, rain, snow, lightning, smoke, bubbles and other special effects. When watching movies, there will be natural phenomena such as wind, rain, electricity, smoke, bubbles, etc. These natural phenomena will also occur synchronously, allowing the experiencer to experience near-extreme and immersive participation and interaction!

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Free Movies with the Story, More Than 100 pcs

we have more than 100 copyright movies for our cinema machine system and will update the movies regularly.
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Professional & Effective Motion 5D / 7D Cinema Solution from VART

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The Independently developed special effect control system ensures the compatibility of the equipment more effectively and renewability, good for maintenance.


The special effects configuration and equipment working noise are premised on not destroying or affecting the integrity and continuity of the viewing mood


The vibration effect of the seat adopts the low-frequency oscillator, which inputs the low-frequency sound source to achieve vibration


Seat backs and seat cushions are formed on the surface of leather and foamed sponges at one time, and no face-off may occur


The air compressor adopts a hundred-year-old Ingersoll-Rand air compressor of the United States. It is known worldwide for its “zero fault”


Easy to operate, easy to maintain, low maintenance cost

Integrated Services

Professional 5D/7D Cine Equipment Manufacturer & Suppliers: Installation, commissioning and construction

5D Cinema Factory
5D/7D cinema simulator theaters by VART

5D 7D interactive cinema equipment investment prospect

Income of 9 seats
(Working time/day: 8 Hours, 15mins/One Film)
 Ticket Price(USD) Showing Times of Film/Hour(60mins/15mins)Occupancy Rate (person)Income(USD)
  Mon.- Fri.$54 6$960
  Weekend$54 9$1440
  1 Month960×22+1440×8$32640
Note: The Price is only for reference. It may change according to your local market!
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Linyi Ocean World Theme Park



Linyi, China



It is a super large modern marine theme park with marine biology exhibition as the main part, science education, leisure and entertainment as well as experience and interaction. It has 10 theme areas, including the marine hall, dolphin hall, VR dynamic world city, etc. VR dynamic world is equipped with 5D dynamic cinema and 16 VR devices, which are linked with other theme projects in the hospital. The total daily passenger flow is more than 6000, and the number of holidays is over 10000 People.