VR shooting machine

2023 NEW ARRIVAL! 9D 2 Players VR Shooting, New opening 1 VS 1 Mode

Our 2 Players VR Shooting isn’t just about gaming. It’s a new style appearance with stylish appearance and user-friendly interface design, Our system is easy to use, with intuitive, one-touch controls and support for modern payment methods like WeChat Pay and coin-operated systems. Besides, the first VR company to creat no-headset VR experience” with a focus on higher efficiency and lower operating costs.
These games have been carefully curated to provide a diverse range of experiences, catering to different preferences and age groups.

The New VR Multiplayer Shooting must be the best choice for your VR Theme park or your personal vr machine.

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VR theme park


What is the VART VR Multiplayer Shooting?

New Design 2 Players VR Shooter. Single mode and double mode (offline double-player competition / 1 VS 1)

2 Players VR Shooting

Why Choose New VART VR Platform in the VR Amusement Park?

Cool design LED lighting model with stereo surround sound. 7pcs games+6pcs VR multiplayer game VR games are popular in VR arcade.

Double Big Screen TV

Big displayers show games at the same time when playing. Also, can show your advertising.

9d vr standing platform
vr platform

Eye-catching LED Lighting Device

Cool rotating LED light VR simulator. It can get people attention and have flocked to play.

Choosing Game Buttons

Easy to choose the game you want to play and stop it. This VR platform is easy to handle.

VR double shooting machine
vr walking simulator

Non-slip Floor

Players can play shooting games, VR sport games, and also dancing here freely. Don’t worry about safety.

2 Players VR Shooting

The Points of this VR Shooting Machine

  • Stylish exterior and dynamic turbo whirl captivate players’ attention.
  • Pioneering hands-free VR experience with higher profit efficiency and lower operational costs.
  • Integrated design of VR headset and gun, 6DoF scene interaction for a more realistic immersive experience.
  • The integrated VR gun features a high-tension design, providing more effective protection for the headset.
  • 42-inch high-definition LCD display, user-friendly interface design, and one-touch interactive operation.
  • Supports most payment methods such as WeChat Pay and coin insertion. The most convenience is Some games support in-game microtransactions.
  • Supports one-click renewal to keep players engaged, with the capability to track payments in the system.

7pcs games + 6pcs VR multiplayer game

The Frontlines, Death Trigger, Alien War, Snowball Fights, and other Interactive shooting games, update continuously to learn how to play with this VR Shooting Simulator.


  • 4K Eye-protective Display( 3664 x 1920 72/90Hz)
  • Built-in Eye Tracking & Foveated Rendering
  • Ergonomic & Adjustable head strap Design
  • Built-in Spatial Stereo Sperkers
  • 6 DoF Room-scale Tracking
  • 90° High Eidelity Fov

Gallery of 2 Players Virtual Reality Standing Platform

100% Complete GFRP (glass fiber reinforced plastics) Structure. Fashion Model, Earn Money Machine.




VR Standing Platform

Virtual Reality Platform | 14 Years VR Simulator Factory with CE RoHS Certificate

VR Simulator
 VR 2 Player Multiplayer Shooting 
Voltage / Power220V/50Hz | 2.0KW
VR headsetDPVR E4
Movie quantity(included)7pcs games+6pcs VR multiplayer game
Playing time2-10 mins(can be set freely)
Size (L*W*H)315 x 230 x 265cm
List of goods2 x VR Headsets
2 x VR Gun
1 x VR Standnig Platform
Computer configurationCPU: Intel i5 10400F
Motherboard: H510M/H310M
Hard Disk: 250GB
Graphics Card: GTX1650 4GB
Memory Card: 8GB DDR4 – Kingston
Power Supply: 600W – Great Wall